Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Hi there, 

Oh wait I don't remember if I still have any followers. But I feel like this is a pretty good decision. I can't deny the fact that I envy those bloggers who still loyal with their blogs, ehem Dr Harlina, Vivy Yusof and etc. You guys are incredibly awesome, teach me how you manage your time please? Or is it just me who is a plain lazy girl. Sobs. 

If you can noticed, I already deleted all my previous posts. Seriously, ALL of it. I really want to start all over again. My life is like a roller coaster ride but I've got no regret thou. Everything happens for a reason and every end is a new beginning. 

New me, new life,

Anyway, I took this opportunity to officially announce that I am back with blogspot. We were re-married. Hahaha. Let's hope this would not be my first and last post. 

Till then,

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